Smart Home Automation Made simple and easy

Tampa Simple Smart Houses

Why was simple Smart Houses started?   We wanted to give home owners an opportunity to find simple easy home automation devices that make your home smart but with out all the major installation concerns and major expense.  Our Main Goal Is creating a Smart and Energy Efficient House and introduce to you the many awesome super smart Home Automation products that are out there, that will not only make your home smart but will simplify your life too, so bring total automation to your home and wow your friends while you are at.  Most importantly you will also be saving money on energy costs, and not have to break the bank to do so.  Tampa Simple Smart Houses offers a simple consultation that will guide you on which products will best suite your needs and then you can purchase them directly from us and you can install, or we will supply and install for a nominal fee.  

It is our goal to not only simplify your home and fully automate your home but simplify your purchase and streamline your options and bring Energy Efficiency to your home to save you money and time.

Would you not want to be Alerted if you are using more water than normal, or if you are having a water leak, Be Alerted if your Electricity Usage starts to increase suddenly and you can then also quickly see who the culprit Appliance or user is and then cut down on it.  Do you have children in the household with Asthma or allergies? Test your Air Quality and be alerted if there is unwanted allergens in the air.  You are out and you have a burst pipe at the washing machine, need to remotely turn your Main Water Shut Off Valve or have it automatically turned off if you should suffer a sudden leak.  This can avoid thousands of dollars of loss.  Want to have your lights turn off at prescribed times and save money and electricity,  You can have all this and more.  Simplicity, Convenience and energy efficiency! www.tampasimplesmart

As a Realtor i am always involved in things that have to do with houses etc.  So i make it my business to always find new and innovative products and methods to increase value, bring enegry effeciency and save money while been simple.   We insure that your home will be fully protected with the latest security technology and that you can rest easy knowing that your home is providing you with features that are fit for a king.

Someone rings your doorbell and you are not home, you will be notified on your cellphone giving you the opportunity to answer the call and speak with visitor, see who it is via video, and if necessary unlock your front door for them to enter all via your cellphone.  You may have driven off in a rush and now you can't remember if you closed the garage door, no problem just check on your cellphone and if its open, close it, yes its that simple.

You arrive home after a long day at work to find your outside garage lights on and your front door lights on so you can easily see when you get home all because you set up your lights to switch on and off at specific times or when a specific action is triggered.  You can turn up your heat, turn down your heat all via the cellphone.  You are alerted that something is in your back yard, you use your cellphone to open the app and see what’s going on only to see somebody standing there.  You can turn on a spot and tell them you are calling the police and the crazy thing is that younot home but are out to dinner.  Smart houses need not be for the super rich, yes average joe, you too can enjoy the luxuries of the rich and famous with super affordable and simple home automation.

Be sue to call us today for a simple consultation.