Tablet and iPad Repair in Tampa, FL

At TAZ, we offer iPad repair in Tampa including the iPad Air, Mini, and 2, 3, 4, as well as the Blackberry Playbook, Amazon Kindle, Samsung Galaxy, and other tablets. iPad Glass repairs are done onsite and typically finished in the same day as long as they are checked in by 11:30 am. We suggest you call for the very latest prices.

iPad repair services

Common iPad repair services in Tampa include:

  • iPad Glass Digitizer $129.99

  • iPad 2 Glass Digitizer $69.99

  • New iPad Air Glass Digitizer $79.99

  • iPad Air 2 Full Assembly Glass & LCD Display $229.99

  • iPad 2 LCD Display $69.99

  • iPad 3/4 LCD Display $69.99

  • iPad Mini Glass Digitizer $79.99 (requires at least 24 hours)

  • iPad Mini 4 Full Assembly LCD Glass Replacement $199.99

Our professionals are certified and experienced to handle these repairs and more.

Please feel free to call to confirm pricing as it may change.

Tablet Repair Services

In addition to iPad repair services in Tampa, we fix other makes and models too. A common issue with Amazon Kindles are the charging port and the glass digitizer. Depending on the level of damage in the Kindle, most of our repairs can be done the same day depending on the time the device is dropped off. Common repairs include:

  • Amazon Kindle Charging Port Repair $49.99

  • Amazon Kindle Charging Port Replacement $69.99

  • Amazon Kindle Glass Digitizer $89.99

  • Amazon Kindle Fire Assembly Glass Digitizer and LCD $139.99


For other tablet brands or iPad repair, call our Tampa store at 813-961-0838 for repairs and pricing.

Customer Service

We pride ourselves in taking a personal interest in your tablets, because nothing should come between you and your device. We perform your iPad repair here in Tampa and return it to you better than ever! With special attention to your display, camera, wireless connection, and apps, we know how to repair, restore, and improve your tablet to be fully functional. That’s why we try to work in the shortest amount of time that high quality will allow. We know how difficult it is to live without your tablet. Whether your iPad screen is cracked or your Kindle Fire charging port has stopped working, you can call us or stop by our store today to get your device working in a timely, effective fashion.




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