Smart and Energy Effecient

Saving money and becoming Energy Efficient is very important in this day and age.  The cost of Electricity and Water is rising and we need to be more aware of the Energy Saving tools and devices out there that help us to monitor or use less.  

As a Realtor i make it my business to constantly keep abreast with new innovations and technology that brings savings and or effeciency to our homes.  I have always been very aware of the fact that we have several products that we can use to help us to save electricity and water and make our daily tasks simple and then ultimately save us money.   So I have put together a list of Energy efficient ideas and some tips and also listed some awesome tools and products to help.  Not only are the tools i have listed a great way to monitor and save, but also keep us aware of major catastrophes that can occur in our homes like water leaks. 

So first let me give yo some Energy Efficient ideas for your home.

1) If you are looking to replace your A/C then make sure you are looking at a very efficient high seer unit like 18 seer.  Heat Pumps account for about 45% of your energy usage. So don’t skimp as it costs you a lot more down the road. Bryant have a great unit, check out Bryant Heating and Cooling systems.

2) Look at a Tankless water heater or if you are concerned you will struggle getting hot water fast and use more water in the process, then consider the hew Rheem Hybrid Water Heaters, they may once again cost more to purchase, but will save you down the line and actually keep the garage cool as the almost act like an A/C pulling the hot air into the unit to convert hot water then blowing out cold air.  Adding a recirculating pump will also insure that you are getting hot water way fasted than normal and not having to run the shower for a few minutes to get the water hot.  Its the small things that make the biggest difference.

3) Windows are also very important, Nylon Double hung gas filled windows will help you immensely and bring down your electric bill as your A/C does not have to work as hard.

4) If you cant afford new windows, definitely look at window film, the stigma is that it looks a little cheap and not so cool is no longer the case, they now have hundreds of options and you don’t have to have the reflective look any longer.  Window film will also definitely help your energy efficiency in your home, maybe not as much as Nylon double hung gas filled windows, Check out Advanced Film Solutions

5) Look at making sure you have some window coverage, Thick curtains or roller blinds.  Window shades also help with the efficiency in the house, you can also add Smart home automated Blind controllers that open at a prescribed time and close at the time the sun is beating down directly on that window.  It also gives you the opportunity to control as you please.

6)Appliances, These make up about 14% of your energy bill and making sure you are getting Energy Star rated appliances is critical.  Make sure you are aware of the energy star rating when you are looking at the different options, ask a lot of questions.  These new options and new technology they have will definitely save you electricity and water.

7) We all know ceiling fans are a huge help and making sure that you have a energy efficient fan is also important. you can add devices that make them smart so giving you the ability to not run unnecessary and use electricity, but rather put them on only when you need them.  You can set them to come on at prescribed times etc.  If you are on the way home you can remotely turn them on with Smart automation.

8) Change out all your light bulbs with LED bulbs and change out fluorescent fittings with the new LED fittings, this too will save a nice chunk of change.

Now for a list of Products and devices that will help in your endeavor to become Smart and Energy Efficient at the same time.

Smart Devices and Products.

1) Sense -  

Sense installs in your home’s electrical panel and provides insight into your energy use and home activity through our iOS, Android, and web apps.  So you can track your electricity usage. see what is using the most and where you are wasting and could be saving by turning of, using less etc.


Unseen leaks can become big problems Now, leak protection is easier than ever. The StreamLabs® water system monitor keeps an eye on what’s happening with the plumbing behind your walls and alerts you in real-time when water problems arise – before they turn into disasters.

3) Foobot

see what you breathe

Foobot is an indoor air quality monitor. It can smell the invisible, odorless pollutants in your environment and makes them visible through its LED display. In one glance, the color and breadth of its glow will let you know whether your air feels more like a forest in the Alps or a freeway in L.A.

4) Guardian Water Leak Detection 

Guardian is a shut off valve device that when a leak is detected in your house it will automatically shut the water valve off stopping all water from flowing into the house.   Guardian can prevent water damage in three easy steps: 1. Install 2. Connect 3. Protect

will alert you on your cellphone.

5) wink Hub

Lights. Power. Security. Now they’re all connected through a single app, so you don’t need a different one for every product. Simple controls allow you to monitor and manage everything in your home. This means it can do more for you, and you can do less. Finally. So, in short, the Wink Hub allows you to connect various different Smart products and control them through one app.  It’s a great thing to have if you get hooked on Smart Devices and want to keep adding for all the conveniences they produce.

6) Smart Light Switches 

Control lights, shades in the comfort of your home or from anywhere in the world – the office, the airport, the beach – so lights aren’t left on or shades aren’t left open when you’re away.  Schedule lights to adjust automatically at set times of day.  Turn on your porch light at sunset and turn it off at sunrise. Turn lights on to a soft level every morning as you head into the kitchen for coffee.

7) Ring Smart Devices 

Ring offers Smart Lighting devices, Video Doorbells, Security systems, Stick Up Camera's and more.  Devices are easy to install requiring litle to know proffesional installation and bring convenience and peace of mind and crime prevention.

8) August Door Locks

Smarter home access

With August, you are always in control of your front door, no matter where you are, right from your phone. Our products help you keep the bad guys out and let your friends and family in.

9) Nest 

Meet the 3rd gen Nest Learning Thermostat. It has new rings and a big, sharp display. And it saves energy. That’s the most beautiful part.

Saving energy is a beautiful thing.Meet the 3rd gen Nest Learning Thermostat. It has new rings and a big, sharp display. And it saves energy. That’s the most beautiful part.