Simple Smart House

Simple is the key, With the awesome and amazing smart home technology available today, we really don't need to be making it complicated or expensive. Thats why we are taking the complication out of Smart Home Technology and making things simple and easy and best of all affordable. Why should every home not have Smart Home Technology that brings peace of mind, Security and absolute convenience. We at think everyone should have access to great home automation that will help making running a home easy and hassle free and bring great convenience and joy.

Home Automation technology these days offers simple security options, Wireless camera's, Garage Door Automation, Smart Blind control, Smart Door Locks, Smart Light control, Smart Door Bell options, and the list goes on. So what we want to do and show you is just how simple it is and introduce you to some great products that we can sell you, you can install or we can install for you at a very nominal cost. We can consult with you to show you what options are available and what all can be done to get great use out of the products and how one can integrate them all to work seamlessly together to create an awesome Smart Home environment that will keep you posted on your security and well being of your home and allow you to save money by being smart with electricity usage etc.

We have looked at the vast array of options available and feel like we have chosen the best options and the most solid options available, we believe that they all work well together and bring great functionality and use. We also have been cautious of price and wanted to make sure all our products are affordable.

we will break down the various options that are available and start you off on a path that will allow you to eventually totally automate you house. please find us on for more info. We are a simple business with a big agenda.

We believe that most “smart" devices though they may not actually be that smart – and while they do claim to make our life's easier, they’re often complicated and difficult to set up and normally require professional installation which then normally makes them too expensive for most average households, which is where we come in !

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