LG smartphone repair in Tampa, FL

Do you need fast and reliable LG smartphone repairs?

We specialize in the most common repairs to get your phone working again ASAP.

Accidents can happen anywhere – getting out of the car at work, on the tile floor of your kitchen, or standing over the bathroom sink.  Water damage, cracked screens, battery damage, and charge ports are all easy to damage in common daily situations, and with our phones in-hand so often, it’s easy to see why some repairs are so common.

At our location in Tampa FL, TAZ is able to LG smartphone repair with speed and efficiency without sacrificing quality. Our trained technicians often work with parts on-hand to offer fast service and get your phone back quickly – often while you wait. We repair all common models, including the LG G2 and LG G3.

The most common LG smartphone repairs we deal with come from daily use and travel. Since your phone will be back in commission quickly, we offer a 90-day warranty on all repairs to ensure you have no further problems.

Whether it’s a cracked screen, a bent charger port, water damage, or a faulty battery, TAZ in Tampa, FL has you covered for LG smartphone repair.


Full Assembly Replacements– This is the way the factory assemblies come, which is three layers, glass, touch and LCD display all joined together in one piece which we replace. Required if you have dropped phone and your screen is black or you can only see part of the screen display or there is no touch ability.  The preferred method for repair the way factory suggests.  See price list for basic pricing.


Glass Only– This repair is when we replace just the glass digitizer, please note that this option is only available on some LG Devices.  LG devices like the Nexus range, LG G2, LG G3 all require full assemblies.  See price list for basic pricing. Call for better confirmation.


Charging Port– This is when you are struggling to charge your phone either because it is not charging at all, or it only charges when you wiggle or hold it in different angles or positions.  We can solder or remove and replace with new charging port.  Repair normally requires us to have the device for around 2 – 3 hours.


Power Button– This is when you power on your phone and it just vibrates and then starts to turn on then turns off over and over again.  We will replace your power button and this will sort out your frustration.  See Price list for basic pricing.


Water Damage– This repair can take up to 48 -72 hours for us to get a quote back to you, if repairable, but we do have a very high success rate in repairing water damaged phones.  Normally it requires us to take the phone apart and place in an ultrasonic cleaner once this has gone through one or two cycles we will clean board by hand and use fiber brush then seal and reflow any joints and tracks that require it.  Then proceed to test components until we can get power and then trace damaged areas or components and then proceed to repair as needed.  Cost is very difficult to judge until we can ascertain what the damage is, which is why we do not charge you to look at your phone and quote.

Contact us at 813-961 0838 for more information or to schedule and estimate and repair.