iPod Repair in Tampa, FL

TAZ provides professional iPod repair in Tampa in minutes. Most of our iPod repairs are done while you wait in our lobby area, and all have a 90 day warranty. You just bring your iPod to us – we take are of the rest.

iPod Repair in Tampa Services for 2nd/3rd Generation

  • iPod Touch 2nd/3rd generation AUX Connector replacement $39.99

  • iPod Touch 2nd/3rd generation digitizer screen replacement $49.99

  • iPod Touch 2nd/3rd generation LCD display replacement $59.99

  • iPod Touch 2nd/3rd generation battery replacement $49.99

iPod 4th Generation

iPod 4th generation is a more complicated device compared to older models. Most iPod repairs are labor intensive and require greater than 24 hours. Repairs include:

  • iPod 4th generation digitizer screen replacement $69.99

  • *Please note this repair takes over an hour, so prepare to leave your iPod for at least 4 hours

  • iPod 4th generation battery replacement $69.99

  • iPod 4th generation OEM back housing replacement $99.99

  • iPod 4th generation AUX connector replacement $59.99

We take care to ensure that trained professionals complete all of our iPod repairs in Tampa with the utmost care. If your iPod is acting up, stop by our store and we will assess the situation and exact the most efficient solution. For other pricing on other repairs, please call 813-961-0838.